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There is literally no chance for pests to survive at your restaurants' kitchen!

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Keep your home free from rodents and bugs.

Spiders, bees, mice, bees, rats, and wasps become pests when they invade your home, and they can damage your house and lead to health-related issues for both you and your family members.

At Adibug, it’s our duty to return your home to you with the pests no longer there so that both you and your family members can now live in peace.  Unlike other pest control companies, our residential pest control services cover both the interior and exterior of your home.

We examine your home to check out for pest population, and we carry out adequate treatments to prevent and control the pest invasion. We offer the following solutions for residential pest problems.

Our annual pest control plans are affordable, and they provide all year round peace of mind to home occupants. We treat the exterior of your home thrice in a year, and we also include you on our agenda for automatic treatment. Don’t allow the pests to overpower you. After our regular treatments, we assure you that you won’t find any pest in your home again.

One of our specialties is bed bug inspection and treatment. Here, you’ll not have to lander everything or throw our all your possessions.  Our technicians are trained, and they know how to handle this problem correctly.

We’re GreenPro certified, and in helping you out, we always try to be environmentally conscious. Be rest assured that we’ll treat your home with high-standard practices that you can feel good about.

Our technicians have the expertise and know-how of quality pest management techniques; they can handle any level of residential pest invasion.

Types of Our Services

Rodents Control

With rodents round the corner, the possibility of bacterial outbreaks and infectious diseases looms large in your house. They leave no stone unturned to make it to their destination by nibbling, chewing and cutting through..

Roaches Control

Roaches are creepy little hard shelled creatures, representing cockroaches broadly, in common parlance. They not only possess the innate ability to proliferate overnight, but also uncannily feed onto our fingernails, eyelashes,..

Flies Control

Experience a -free environment with our advanced, highly effective fly control methods in New Jersey and New York . Our team of skilled exterminators boast profound knowledge and expertise in treating the fly infested areas.

Fleas Control

Fleas are blood thirsty parasites, which draw blood from the host’s body in order to survive. This horrific detailing seems to be an apt introduction rather than the insignificant microscopic reddish- brown wingless anatomy.

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