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As at the time when you’re considering to opt-in for pest management services, it’s possible that you must have tried to handle pests by yourself and found out that they are persistent. Your schedules are busy and hectic. You might not even be sure of the type of pest you’re dealing with. This is where Adibug comes in handy. At Adibug, we have 22 years of solid experience and our service professionals are experts at the proper application and safe handling of pest control products. Also, all our team members are knowledgeable in the elimination and prevention of pest problem.
Yes. At Adibug, customer safety is our priority as well as taking care of the environment. We take time to develop strategic targeting and tailored pest control programs- this enables us to get superior results even with the least amount of pest control products. All our materials and products are EPA approved, and our service providers are experts and knowledgeable in the safe application and handling our materials.
Only during exceptional cases, it’ll not be necessary to leave your home open. We try to be extremely careful when choosing and applying pest control products. If there are conditions that warrant you to leave your home during the treatment, we’ll try to arrange for this beforehand conveniently.
If you’re looking to do away with irritating pests and keep them out of your home, then a recurring service plan is essential. Every season comes with specific pests. Regular service is therefore needed to destroy the nesting patterns and egg of the insects. You need to know that insect eggs are impervious to pesticides and so there is every probability that even after servicing your home, some of the eggs laid by the pest will hatch in future months. A regular service plan offers you an all-year-round fortification from pests.
For one reason or the other, infuriating pests are always looking for ways to get into your homes. When the pests return, give us a call. Since your service is fully guaranteed, we’ll return to treat any area of your home that is in need of extra attention.
One of the pertinent questions that we often get asked is about the cost of pest control treatment and services. Whether the pest control is for business or home; a lot of people often ask: what’s the cost of an exterminator? If you’re looking to get a speedy answer, then we’ll say that this is a very tricky question because for one, having a one size fit all pricing plan is almost impossible and there are many factors (like treatment process, pest type, infestation, number of treatments and more) that determine the pest control prices.

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