It is believed that ants are everywhere and can thrive in specific places. But, they shouldn’t have to drag your home with you too when they already outnumber humans on earth. If care is not taken, taking over your home is what they will exactly do without apology, to take care and ensure this does not happen; some things to do are;

1. Seal off all entrance areas: Sealing off entrance areas becomes germane if warding off ants is a priority. Ants are indeed tiny, and any tiny hole is able to allow them access into your home, even holes that you might not have been able to find on your own. The best way to figure this out and eventually put things to rest is to trace ants to where they seem to be coming from. Doing this will most probably lead you to a tiny hole or a huge one. Seal immediately with silicon caulk, putty, glue, and plaster. Other temporary methods like petroleum jelly or poster tack may not last long and soon leaves you with an even bigger hole. To solve this, a permanent method should be sourced for in sealing open holes anywhere in the home.

2. Use anti-ant substances: Suspected entryways should not be ignored but dealt with aggressively by using anti-ant substances capable of threatening the ants or even killing them. Some of the substances that will work perfectly for this feat are salt, diatomaceous earth and commercial ant poisons among other things.

The diatomaceous earth is a fine powder that serves the purpose of killing ants in the most strategic way. It helps to absorb the water from ant’s body and leaves the ant dry and lacking moisture. It’s mostly used in a dry environment and away from humans and children. Sniffing it may cause a lot of damage. You can also spread salt around the windows and at the door and expect that the same job done by diatomaceous earth is done to ant’s body. Salt also dries up the moisture of the body and eventually kills the ants.

3. Remove ant trails: One thing peculiar to an ant is that they always leave a trail. When you figure out the ant problem around your home, there is a need to trace them first to their trails and ensure that the trails are removed. Application of vinegar and water mix along the length of the trail is good enough to disrupt their paths and lead them astray. The intention of leading them astray is to lead them away from your home and this is the ideal solution to dealing with ants.

4. Clean, wipe and sweep: These are top priorities for anyone trying to get rid of ants or hoping to prevent ants from making the home their place of abode.

Let over dishes and stocked up dirt can easily become ant buffets in no time if care is not taken and cleaning is not done. Wiping and washing are as trivial as cleaning in the fight against ants around the home. There is a need to wipe out sticky substances off tables, chairs, bottles, and stovetop among other things. Ants are not just attracted to dirt but also to grease and sticky substances.

Sweeping also has a lot to do with warding off ants. To sweep means to get rid of crumbs around the kitchen floor and in other rooms in a home. Ants are equally attracted to crumbs. You’d see a number of them holding fiercely unto a crumb of bread or biscuit. Instead if wondering or having to deal with the sore sight after, the best way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that the floor is properly and constantly swept.

5. Store food in sealed containers: It is no longer news that the one thing that attracts ants is food and something to feed on. If you have applied all of the above and still find your home to be harboring ants, you should check if your food containers are well sealed. Food for both humans or poultry birds can attract ants and make them want to come around and dwell. This is why it is advisable to close containers of food and groceries products after use and before use. Warding off ants with this single exercise is enough to deny every other kind of pest access to the food and your home.

Some of the things that can be done to have your home to yourself without the fear of being invaded by ants in your own home have been penned down for your good. Do not ditch the tips.

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