3 Signs You Might Have Termites in Your Portsmouth Home

Homeowners in Portsmouth city worry about termite invasions from time to time. Although there are more than five hundred different termite species in the world, the biggest threat in Portsmouth homes is the Formosan subterranean species. These destructive pests invade homes in search of moisture and food sources. They are notorious for causing insurmountable damage to a home by feasting on wood and wood products, including ceilings, furniture, flooring, walls, doors, and windows.

In fact, termites are said to be the most destructive pests worldwide. And of the numerous species that can invade your home, Formosan termites are the most aggressive and destructive type. Unfortunately, these cryptic pests can go undetected for years, eating away at your property and causing millions of dollars’ worth of damages. Perhaps you’re worried termites might be ravaging your home in Portsmouth. Here are 3 signs you might have termites in your Portsmouth home.

What Is a Termite Infestation?

A termite infestation refers to any live termites harbouring within a building or on its foundation, attached appurtenances, or underneath the building. Technically, your home can have an active or inactive termite infestation. An active termite infestation means that live termites are currently in your home and actively chewing through your property. On the other hand, an inactive termite infestation means there is evidence of a previous infestation but no signs of live insects.

But as mentioned earlier, it can be incredibly hard to spot live termites. These sneaky pests stay hidden inside the wood they’ve infested. They silently chew through the structure, only leaving a thin veneer of wood on the surface to protect themselves from drying out. So, failing to see live termites doesn’t always mean that the infestation is inactive. You need to contact a professional pest control company in Portsmouth to inspect your home and make an accurate determination.

3 Signs You Might Have Termites in Your Portsmouth Home

Termites are social insects that live in large colonies feeding on wood and dead plant matter. They have an insatiable appetite for cellulose, which is obtained from wood and wood by-products such as paper and furniture. Spotting a single termite typically means that there is a whole termite colony attacking your property. Hence, a termite infestation is best addressed early to minimize costly and severe damages.

Swarmers or Discarded Wings

Also known as alates, swarmers are the winged reproductive adults of a termite colony. At certain cycles of the year, termite swarmers fly away from their colony in search of a mate. Once they’ve found a suitable mate, they shed off their wings and select a new location to establish a new colony as the king and queen. You can spot termite swarmers flying near light fixtures. You can also find piles of discarded wings near entryways like doors and windows.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are one of the most common signs of a subterranean termite infestation. Subterranean termites typically live underground and forage for food above ground, in homes and other structures. These pesky pests create pencil-sized mud tubes using wood, soil, and moisture. The tunnels act as a protective pathway to retain moisture and prevent termites from drying out as they forage for food. You can spot these mud tubes where your house meets the ground, such as the foundation. If you break off the tunnel and it reappears within a few days, that’s a solid sign of an active termite infestation.


Frass typically refers to termite droppings. A termite’s diet primarily comprises cellulose obtained from wood and wood by-products. For instance, drywood termites live deep in the wood they feast on. Because they have no use for the frass, drywood termites make small holes in the wood and push the faecal matter out of their home. Termite droppings can easily be confused with sawdust or wood shavings. However, these droppings are small and oval-shaped with a light beige or black color depending on the wood the termites have infested.

Professional Termite Control Services in Portsmouth

Termites are highly destructive pests that can cause severe damage to homes and businesses. Unfortunately, these little creatures can be difficult to detect! They can thrive in your home for 8-10 years, chowing down on your property from the inside out.

Do you suspect termites in your Portsmouth home? Don’t panic. Our termite control professionals are equipped with specialized tools and years of experience to identify the earliest signs of a termite infestation in your home. They will customize a termite control plan to effectively eliminate pests and protect your home from future infestations. Contact us today to schedule a free termite inspection and ensure your home is protected from termite threats.

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