Danger is something no one wants to associate with, in and away from home, but it has found a place in the arms of common pests. Pests that would naturally seem harmless or not have interest in posing a physical threat are actual contributions of some major damages to human health, environments, and belongings. Some of these pests at home with the ability to cause damage are;

1. Termites: Termites are working and active every day and are very eager to destroy the structure of the home and any furniture that stands tall. These little creatures do not need sleep to stay active. They feed on the cellulose found in the wood. This greatly explains why they feed on the woods in our homes. Apart from wood, there are some other things termites tear to shreds in our homes which include; books, papers, wallpapers and all that is found pleasant to their hunger.

2. Scorpions: They seek to give venom to their prey and find solace mostly in dry places. Any room not well sealed or any open area is able to allow scorpions because of their very small nature. A scorpion bite may lead to death if the victim is not taken care of immediately, and this is the reason why they must never be allowed inside a home.

3. Bees and wasps: These pests don’t just fly. They also stay in dark underground places. With so much mystery surrounding these insects, it is herculean to get hold of them or have total control over them. Nests are made by bees in secluded places around the home. Bees sting hard just as wasps would, thus giving people a challenging task of differentiating them. Bees contribute a lot to the ecosystem, agreed, but they can also sting to death.

4. Ants: One basic reason not to allow queen ants in your home is that they are capable of procreating several babies which can be equally dangerous. The reason why ants enter the homes is solely to look for food, and anything ranging from cloths, food stuff, wood, paper documents, etc. can be utilized as food.

5. Spiders: Spiders are really creepy. That is not all, some species (like the black widow) very dangerous in the home as they are venomous and kill prey (including human being) in a single sting whenever they are intimidated or hungry. This is why the best method for controlling this pest is the professional way. The spiders do not have an exception as to a place where they can thrive. They can thrive anywhere and they live everywhere.

6. Flies: Flies are known for their ability to fly around and swiftly escape any physical method of capture. Houseflies, tsetse flies, fruit flies all carry different kinds of diseases like food poisoning and others.

7. Mice: Your walls and cabinets are homes for house mice. This is because they find better comfort in warm, quiet places around the home. House mice chew cartons, packaging and all that seem to be in their way to access food. They have specialties in destroying furniture and also spreading diseases.

8. Cockroaches: These pests are also disease spreaders that come out mostly at night after dark. Cockroaches just like the house mice live in warm, quiet places. They invade stored food with their invested body thus spreading germs and other harmful bacteria behind on the food after their little feeding.

9. Mosquitoes: Mosquito has been known to be the causal organism for one of the most dangerous disease i.e. Malaria. A single bite might seem harmless several bites are definitely deadly. This pest thrives best in untidy environments and can be best controlled using professional pest control methods.

10. Rats: Rats are creepy and really dangerous. You should try your best to prevent them from dominating your home. Some damages rats cause is found in their zest to feed on anything and everything they find interesting in the home. Apart from food and food items, other things that interest black rats- range from cable, cartons, and clothes. When they feed on cables, fire hazard may occur just as important documents may be fed on in the process of grabbing on papers. Rats are also not limited to feeding on valuables in the home alone. They also serve as a great contribution to the spread of diseases like Lassa fever which can be very deadly.

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